#FeelGoodFriday: Pursuing Identical Passions

By , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

When cast members Michael and Scott Stile first started working at Walt Disney World Resort five years ago, they never could have guessed it was only the beginning of what would become an identical career journey.

As Central Florida locals, the love these brothers have for Disney began at a young age. The fond memories they have of experiencing the Disney magic as kids is what ultimately ignited their passion for wanting to create that same magic for others.

Collage of cast members and brothers Michael and Scott Stile at Walt Disney World Resort

From their early days as convention guides to joining the Disney Professional Internship Program, the pair eventually landed their dream roles on the industrial engineering team. And, best of all, they were together every step of the way.

As associate industrial engineers, they are able to combine their passion for magic-making with their love of all things STEM. Michael, Scott and their team help make sure a visit to Walt Disney World is as magical and seamless as possible by applying science, technology, engineering and math concepts to the guest experience, including exciting new offerings like Disney Skyliner and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Cast members and brothers Michael and Scott Stile

“We never could have planned how closely our Disney stories would play out,” Scott said. “It’s an incredible experience getting to work together each day at a company we love.”

We love learning about such unique stories of our cast members and celebrating their career growth—and it’s even more special when that growth happens alongside a loved one.

If you, too, are interested in exploring the many STEM opportunities available at Walt Disney World Resort, visit disneycareers.com to learn more.

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