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Fozzie Bear Gets a Lesson in Comedy at the Disneyland Resort

By , Public Relations Director

Fozzie Bear is no stranger to funny business. As the Muppets’ resident slap-stick quipster, Fozzie is always eager to learn new ways to take his comedy routine to the next level.

And what better way to learn than from one of Disneyland Resort’s most comical cast members, the Jungle Cruise skipper?! Check out Fozzie’s recent pun-filled encounter with the skipper before they set sail on the tropical rivers of the world.


Fozzie is just one of the latest stars to vacation at Disneyland Resort. Did you see what happened when Animal went on a shopping spree? It turned out exactly how you’d expect!

For laugh-out-loud sketches and other star-stuffed performances from your favorite Muppets, catch “The Muppets Show” on Disney+. Now please, somebody please tell Fozzie how to spell hippo-crite.

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